Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: O-O-H

Let’s walk down Memory Lane all the way back to 1970. The Five Stairsteps were all family members. Their biggest hit made the Top Ten.

More than 50 years later…

Paul Stanley's 98-Year-Old Father Goes to a KISS Show

Frontman for the iconic rock band KISS, Paul Stanley has a new R & B band called “Soul Station.”

“SOUL STATION is 15 people, and everybody’s played with everyone from Smokey to Stevie Wonder to Natalie Cole to the Temptations, Whitney Houston, and on and on and on,” Stanley said. “And it really is like a family. We hang out at my house and have a great time. But what really bonded us together was this love of that music and wanting to recreate it accurately, respectfully. Even some of those bands, when they wound up playing live, did these uptempo, kind of soulless versions of their own songs. And we’re playing those songs the way they’re supposed to be, and it’s glorious.

“Look, I started doing it selfishly, ’cause I love that music, and to have it surrounding me, and to get to sing those songs, is crazy. And then to also write some new tunes that really marry so well to the old tunes is like writing another page.

“Will it surprise some people? Yeah. But, honestly, I’m not… Somebody said, ‘Oh, you’re reinventing yourself.’ I’m not the champion of blues rock or hard rock or metal or this. I did ‘Phantom Of The Opera’. I’m a singer, and I choose to sing whatever I choose to sing at any given time. So, really, honestly, it’s as natural for me to sing Philly soul as it is to sing rock. It’s just I haven’t done it publicly.”

Next month Stanley’s group will release its first studio record, a collection of 1960s and ’70s soul/Motown classics titled “Now and Then.”

The track listing:

1. Could It Be I’m Falling In Love
2. I Do
3. I, Oh I
4. Ooo Baby Baby
5. O-O-H Child
6. Save Me (From You)
7. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
8. Whenever You’re Ready (I’m Here)
9. The Tracks Of My Tears
10. Let’s Stay Together
11. La-La – Means I Love You
12. Lorelei
13. You Are Everything
14. Baby I Need Your Loving

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