State Senator working on denying aid to schools that refuse to open

Check out this photo.

May be an image of one or more people and people standing

It was posted by Mike Mikalsen, top aide to state Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater). Mikalsen wrote on his FB page:

A Monona Grove teacher (that I won’t name) that has posted on FB opposing in-person classes has no problem posting on her FB page a picture of kids gathering in her home without masks. Not the first picture exposing her hypocrisy. As a resident and parent in Monona Grove I am sick and tired of teachers and administrators (only some) in this district fighting to screw kids from getting the education they are legally required to receive in-person.

Mikalsen got several comments, including this from David Blaska, a Madison blogger:

Have Nass put up legislation to deny state aid to any school district that does not offer 100% in-classroom teaching by a date certain. The problem: Madison’s public schools won’t open because the teachers union says so. (What “metrics”?) The solution? Deny state aid pro-rated by every day a school district does not make in-classroom education available to all its students as of a date certain. Iowa’s Republican Governor signed just such a bill into legislation: Put Tony Evers on the spot! Students and parents will cheer throughout the state, whether they attend public or private schools, open or not. The CDC, Dr. Fauci, science in general says Open the Schools to in-classroom education! So do the mayors of Chicago and San Francisco!

Mikalsen responded.

Sen. Nass is working with other members to do exactly what you suggest. The problem is too many Republicans are not wanting to pick that fight because they argue the Gov will veto.

3 thoughts on “State Senator working on denying aid to schools that refuse to open

  1. You know, I don’t get it, of course Evers will veto it, so why don’t they stand up and fight like the men/women they are anyway? They aren’t scoring any points with me for their inability to actualy make a difference. My son just took my grandson out of MPS and enrolled him in a parochial school because of the teachers refusal to get back to work! And believe me, I was never so glad as I was to hear that they took him out of MPS!!!


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