Today’s highly interesting read (02/04/21): Pressure Grows to Reopen Schools, But…

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Today’s read is NOT an op-ed or commentary or editorial. And there are many assertions made I couldn’t possibly agree with like:

“It seemed that school districts, which are historically nonpartisan, got wrapped up in the larger national debate about how we should respond to COVID,” said Michael Hartney, an assistant professor of political science at Boston College and co-author of a recent study tying national politics to school closure decisions.

Nonpartisan? I live in Franklin, WI, and have since 1992. My small city is very conservative. But in the nearly 30 years I’ve resided in Franklin we’ve NEVER had a conservative school board. NEVER.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s ready by Stateline that offers a look into why America has not taken the sane, effective, efficient decision to re-open schools:

But as of Jan. 31, only 38% of U.S. K-12 students were attending classes in person, five days a week, according to Burbio data, which is updated weekly.

That’s only a slight increase in the number of students in classrooms since November, when scientific evidence began emerging about the success of mask wearing, social distancing, testing and ventilation strategies in schools.

“I’m afraid that governors and mayors may have lost their window of opportunity to compel teachers to return to schools,” said Marguerite Roza, a research professor and expert on education finance and policy at Georgetown University.“If they didn’t push to open schools early in the pandemic, they’re now finding that teachers who have been working from the safety of their homes are afraid to go back into school buildings. Over the 10 months since the pandemic began, their fear has grown and taken root.”

Read the entire article here.

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