Wisconsin is not alone in wanting to unmask

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Folks at the liberal Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found themselves temporarily happy last week when at the 11th hour the state Assembly chucked plans to approve a joint resolution to end dictator Tony Evers’ statewide mask mandate. The newspaper took credit for the delay citing its news story that the state could lose a ton of food stamp funding if the mandate was axed. You know the drill. People will die.

There was even some national press on the Assembly’s inaction. Wisconsin was considering ending a mask mandate. How dare they!

But Speaker Robin Vos says a vote by the Assembly could come this week after some parliamentary examinations are concluded. Must make sure all the wording is hunky dory.

Turns out Wisconsin isn’t the only state studying how to curtail the emergency powers of the executive branch. And it’s not just Republicans looking to pull in the reins.

Stateline has the details.

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