2 thoughts on “The best story of 2021 so far

  1. Supposedly, the bleached blonde to the far left in the video is none other than Hot Lips Hoolihan. On another site, people remarked that Hot Lips makes Klinger look feminine. I think both Hot Lips and Dr. Levine could take beauty tips from Klinger.

    This isn’t the first time Democrat politicans have been quoted by Republicans. Both the press and Democrats have acted scandalized over the violent content, not recognizing the origin of the quote. Then they don’t have the shame to retreat and rethink their rhetoric. Nothing is ever their fault; they just reattack. The press buries it, but I wonder if it would change the mind of die-hard democrat voters if they saw the hypocrisy. It’s always, “We’re the good people, so our actions are excusable.”
    They are everything they accused Trump of being. The ultimate narcissists.
    And then have the nerve to piously moan, “Hate has no home here.”


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