Today’s highly interesting read (01/17/21): Fighting the Good Fight: What I Learned at the Rally

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Everyone at last week’s Capitol was an evil, violent, Constitution-hating Trump supporter, insurrectionist.

I call BS.

Today’s read is from Jeff Minic. He has four children and a growing platoon of grandchildren. For 20 years, he taught history, literature, and Latin to seminars of homeschooling students in Asheville, N.C., and is  the author of two novels and two works of nonfiction. Here’s your excerpt:

Here’s what I witnessed in Washington on Jan. 6 at the Save America March.

Surrounding me were patriotic Americans who had traveled from all parts of our land to protest what they believed was a fraudulent election. My daughter’s friend had secured VIP seating for our party, but few people sat during the event. Instead, many of them danced, tapped their feet, or sang to the music from the loudspeakers. Others chatted and laughed with friends, stood on the chairs to snap pictures of the enormous crowd, and enthusiastically applauded the speakers.

To the amusement of those who could see him, a middle-aged man with yellow-tinted hair, silver earrings, and golden sandals danced up and down the aisle. The three women from Florida next to me bounced up and down in time to the music, and some of the teenage girls who were in our group spent time braiding their friends’ hair.

Not only were most of these people happy—the event seemed more like a big, wonderful party than a protest—but they were also kind and polite. Those slipping through the crowd were always saying “Pardon me.” When an older woman with a walker fell, others rushed to her aid and returned her to her chair. Noticing that I was breathing into my hands—it was cold, and the wind was brisk—one of the Florida ladies offered me a small disposable hand warmer. I declined, but appreciated this sweet gesture.

After President Donald Trump finished speaking, our group decided to skip the march to the Capitol and return home. The 11 young people were exhausted, and all of us were cold, and so we missed the mayhem the media then used to characterize the entire event.

Read the entire column here.

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