Dear Franklin school board candidates, here’s what I’d like

The current Franklin school board (above)

I’ve heard there are as many as six (6) candidates running for the Franklin School Board. Awesome. Any type of scare we can throw into the lazy, much too comfortable incumbents is fine with me.

NOTE to new candidates: You will be approached by a reporter lacking creativity from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asking the weak, predictable question:

Why are you running and what do you hope to achieve?

I’ve lived in Franklin since 1992. Every damn answer to that same damn question has been the same. It goes like this. Imagine the wimpiest voice possible.

I will strive to improve the quality of education in education while protecting the district’s taxpayers.

Excuse me but what the hell specifically does that mean?

Besides, even if the generic response is meant to be sincere, it’s not, at least 50% of it. I’ve yet to meet a school board member in this or any other school district that is taxpayer-friendly and fiscally responsible.

So what do I want from Franklin’s array of school board candidates:

1) Spare me the platitudes of a phony pledge to any reporter, especially if it lacks specifics.

2) Develop and maintain a strong attitude that you and your fellow board members DO NOT work for the school district administration. It’s the other way around, a concept that is foreign to every school board since I’ve lived here.

3) And above all, be fiscally responsible. The taxpayers have historically been very generous to the schools. You need to pull in the reins. The schools are the #1 source of property tax revenue in this city. It’s a lot, and it’s obscene. Enough.

Finally, personally, I’d be happy if all the incumbents would be ousted.

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