The US Capitol was attacked, and FPS is here to help

I appreciate the communication efforts the Franklin Public Schools have with parents. I really do. Every Friday we receive a district newsletter filled with important timely information that is quite helpful.

If you suspect a “but” coming you’d be correct.

Today’s newsletter opens with 13 bullet points are topics to be presented. The first point that one would assume is the editor’s most important jumped out me immediately, but let’s go right to the entire script:


It has been a difficult week for the American people and our local communities. The events of this week add to the stress and uncertainty in our lives. As adults, we have the ability to process what is happening and understand our emotions. However, children are developing in their ability to do this and are not fully equipped to understand what they are exposed to in the media, and in everyday conversations, they may hear.

As a district, we are committed to ensuring high achievement by implementing research-based teaching practices that ensure equity and are responsive to our students’ social and emotional learning needs. We care about how students grow in their ability to learn and interact with each other and the world around them. COVID-19 has heightened our awareness of our students’ need to feel safe and supported.

I discovered an article and podcast by NPR that you might find helpful in helping your children process what they may hear in the news.

Click here for NPR Article & Podcast

NPR: What to Say to Kids When the News Is Scary

One section of the article advises parents to ask their children, “What have you seen and how are you feeling?” Asking them what they have heard provides them a safe place to reflect and share.

If you would like more information about how to support your child with any concerns you may have about their mental health, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Principal of your school, who will provide you direct contact with one of our school services professionals.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Dr. Judy Mueller
District Administrator

Now I can only surmise this section was chosen because of the chaotic outbreak at the US Capitol on Wednesday. And I’m sure Mueller sincerely wished to convey the school district’s willingness to assist parents and students.

However, and I could be wrong but I don’t think I am, I don’t recall a similar outreach was made when school resumed in September after violence erupted in late August in nearby Kenosha. Given the climate in our country future disturbances that will get major media attention are likely to happen. Maybe it all depends on who’s doing the protesting that will determine if parents get a newsletter with a reminder of available school services. I’d be fine without it. There are a lot more important priorities I expect our school district to establish and follow through on.

And no offense, I honestly don’t need Dr. Mueller or any of her staff or, my goodness, National Public Radio to guide my parenting.

The latest FPS newsletter.

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