My Most Popular Blogs (2020)

Here are my most popular blogs during all of 2020:

1) MUST-SEE VIDEO: America’s Frontline Doctors offer a totally different perspective on COVID-19
NOTE: The viral video was taken down by social media sites like Facebook. This blog contains the transcript of the doctors.

2) The WI quote of the year so far

3) “Enough is enough” – My state Senator calls for the head of Gov. Evers’ Health Secretary

4) WI Gov. Evers tries to ruin the holidays

5) Today’s highly interesting read (05/01/20): Wisconsinites Starting To Ignore Stay-At-Home Order

6) Celebrating a $250 million income tax cut veto

7) Too many errors plague recalls of Evers and Barnes

8) BREAKING Franklin News: Mayor Olson to vote NO on Milwaukee County-wide resolution to support mask mandate

9) The most idiotic response to the coronavirus

10) DUHHH! Clueless governor can’t explain his own veto

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