Today’s highly interesting read (12/28/20): Why We Must Fight On

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Today’s read is from Gil Gutknecht, a former Republican Congressman from Minnesota. He consults with a number of companies and organizations, including 340B Health, a non-profit association of providers participating in the 340B program. Here’s an excerpt, followed by the entire column.

Rush Limbaugh lamented on Wednesday that despite thirty years of unprecedented success on the radio, he has failed to persuade a clear majority of our countrymen of the correctness of the conservative philosophy. His introspection followed a self-described Debby Downer caller. She asked the troubling question, what have all of our efforts really accomplished? It appears all is lost. 

President Trump will fight on. But Republican Congressional leaders, already waving white flags, only add to our frustration.

It would be so easy and perhaps justified to abandon the fight. With no clear path to victory, why fight on?

History is replete with answers.

Read the entire column here.

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