More good Christmas music (12/23/20): Barry

Every day between now and New Year’s Day I’m selecting tunes or carols you won’t hear on FM Radio but they are certainly deserving of airplay.

My late sweet mother liked Barry Manilow. I admit that I do, too.

Oh, not that syrupy, sappy Mandy crap. I thought his tribute albums to Sinatra and the Big Bands were well done. Who doesn’t love Copacabana? His up-tempo stuff.

I did tell my mom that I was OK with Manilow as long as I didn’t have to watch him, whereupon she’d just roll her eyes.

No matter what you think of him you have to admit this peppy number would work well on the airwaves in December.




That ending was unexpected.

We can’t have a promo of Rod Stewart and Michael Buble and then have no Rod Stewart or Michael Buble.



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