Ballpark Commons passes another test

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Downright irresponsible COVID fear-mongering has permeated all regions of society. Franklin is no exception.

One Franklin Facebook page is administered and dominated by a Grim Reaper facsimile who daily, gleefully publishes negative gloom and doom post about the virus’ death and destruction. For almost all of 2020 we’ve been condescendingly lectured about our obligation to submit to freedom-stripping rules and regulations.

Here where I live we had every holiday activity taken away. Behind the scenes one of Franklin’s worst Common Council members (I won’t mention her name) tried to cancel the very popular “The Hill Has Eyes” Halloween event at the Rock Sports Complex. Too dangerous. Too risky. In stepped the unelected, suddenly in 2020 omnipotent city Health Department that decided to watch “The Hill Has Eyes” like a hawk, stalking and scrutinizing, just waiting for event planners, organizers, workers and volunteers to slip.

For those who were frightened to death this event would send people to the hospital (again, I won’t mention one of their names), they’re not going to like or appreciate this news. The results of monitoring by the Health Department of the “The Hill Has Eyes” have been released and will officially be presented at tonight’s Franklin Common Council meeting. Seems all necessary safety measures were taken. No surprise. Franklin Field had an extraordinary safety record for all of this year’s Milwaukee Milkmen baseball season.

Click here and scroll to Page 27.

The Grim Reapers of Franklin were wrong. Congrats to the Rock.

UPDATE: Michael Zimmerman of the Rock tells me the Health Department should be praised:

“They helped us design and execute a plan and made the Milkmen, The Rock, and HHE a success this year.”

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