More good Christmas music (12/13/20): The baby Jesus

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Don’t know about you, but I love Christmas music on the radio. I also hate it. Extremely frustrating is that there’s a treasure trove of Christmas music available but you’ll never hear any of it. Instead you’ll be fed a steady diet of the same old junk.

In no particular order, when any of these come on in the car they’re getting turned off immediately:

Step Into Christmas by Elton John, Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid Little Drummer Boy by Harry Simeon Chorale, Last Christmas by Wham, Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Bruce Springsteen, Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney,  The Christmas Shoes by NewSong, Silent Night by Stevie Nicks.

And let’s not forget that radio programmers across America have mandated that Mariah Carey absolutely must be played every 21.5 minutes.

Between now and Christmas I’d like to select tunes or carols you won’t hear but they are certainly deserving of airplay.

Since today is Sunday, some carols from the late, great Henry Mancini & Choir.

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