Week-ends (12/12/20)

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Rachel Buehler Van Hollebeke

Michael Esmond

Pat Ormond


The media (re: Hunter Biden)

VA Governor Ralph Northam

Brandon Bernard

The most evil woman in America

Chicago teachers union



“The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage! So, you’re the President of the United States, and you just went through an election where you got more votes than any sitting President in history, by far – and purportedly lost.

“You can’t get ‘standing’ before the Supreme Court, so you ‘intervene’ with wonderful states that, after careful study and consideration, think you got ‘screwed’, something which will hurt them also. Many others likewise join the suit but, within a flash, it is thrown out and gone, without even looking at the many reasons it was brought. A Rigged Election, fight on!”
President Trump after the US Supreme Court issued an order rejecting Texas’s bid to challenge the election results in four battleground states

“The worst part of this is, basically, the court is saying, we want to stay out of this and … they don’t want to give them a hearing, they don’t want the American people to hear the facts.”
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is leading the Trump campaign’s legal efforts

“I am mindful that many of the issues that have been raised have been, and will continue to be, appropriately resolved in the courts. But the fact remains that a large percentage of the American public does not view the 2020 election result as legitimate because of apparent irregularities that have not been fully examined. That is not a sustainable state of affairs for our country.”
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The Senate will hold a hearing next week on irregularities that took place during the 2020 presidential election.

“Trump led on election night, and then they started counting again, with no witnesses. That overnight count kept coming in batches of 25,000 Biden votes to zero Trump votes, 100,000 to zero, 300,000 to zero. And no signatures were verified. And Republicans were not allowed in the room. Or they were kept so far away they needed binoculars.

“Or one side kept counting ballots for days after the election, until it was ahead.

“Or batches of ballots were not only 100,000 to zero favoring Biden; they were pristine and perfect, as if they’d never been touched or mailed, as if they were manufactured that way, straight from a printing press.

“Or hundreds of thousands of ballots only had one name filled out: Biden — as if they were filled out in a hurry and there was no time to add a vote for any down-ballot candidate.

“Or U.S. Postal Service drivers were coming out of the woodwork to admit that the day after the election, they drove trucks with hundreds of thousands of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania and witnessed those ballots being backdated to the day before the election.

“Or we had video of every witness being ordered out of the Atlanta counting room because of a ‘water main break’.

“Suddenly, we clearly saw suitcases of ballots appear out-of-the-blue and new ballots be added to the count — with no Republican witnesses in the room.

“Anyone who believes this election wasn’t stolen is an idiot. You couldn’t get away with such blatant fraud in a football game. In Vegas, you’d have your legs broken for even trying.”
Wayne Allyn Root is the author of the new No. 1 national bestselling book “TRUMP RULES.” Wayne is a CEO, entrepreneur, and host of a daily nationally syndicated show.

“A lot of people in the MAGA-verse, in Trumpland honestly do not understand that the election is over. And when reality strikes and they realize that Donald Trump is not going to be sworn in as president, it’s going to come as a shock to them. We haven’t reached that point with some of the more deranged and deluded supporters out there. How many of these sociopaths do you need to act out on this?”
Charlie Sykes

“Democratic machines have been stealing elections since before the Civil War.

“This year, liberals told us that Trump is LITERALLY HITLER and his defeat the single most important event of our lives — something you’ll tell your grandchildren about someday! But we’re supposed to believe they decided, this one time, they wouldn’t cheat?

“These are the people who tell you voter fraud is a crazy conspiracy theory.”
Ann Coulter

“So, as Joe Biden picks his nominees for cabinet positions, hordes of liberals are celebrating, but there are some who know this really wasn’t the win they were looking for; they wanted a blue wave to crush Trumpism. Instead, Trumpism is here to stay. Donald Trump secured the most votes for re-election for an incumbent president in American history. Democrats weren’t able to retake key state legislatures which means the GOP still controls the lion’s share of mapping those congressional districts. Democrats lost seats in the House; it will be their smallest majority since the New Deal. And if things go well in the Georgia runoffs and the GOP retains the Senate, not much is going to happen for the Biden presidency.”
Matt Vespa at Townhall.com

“The right to vote is one of the most vital pillars of our democracy, the foundations of which are election integrity and confidence in our democratic processes. The ease with which someone is able to steal the ballot of a deceased person and cast an illegitimate vote should disturb, alarm, and outrage every American citizen, no matter what side of the aisle they sit on. To protect our democratic process and Americans’ faith in our elections, we must ensure that deceased individuals are not allowed to remain on state voter rolls.

“My bill will prevent any funds from the U.S. Departments of Transportation or Education, with the exception of those going toward law enforcement agency grants, from going to counties of any state that do not annually check their voter lists against the Social Security Administration’s most recent death records in order to purge them of any individuals found to be deceased. All elected officials, from your local city council member to your U.S. President, have an obligation to obey the law and prevent fraud in our elections, and Congress should not be awarding taxpayer dollars to any counties or states that refuse to do the job they swore to do.”
Congressman Brian Babin (R-Texas) proposed the You Must Be Alive to Vote Act

“The boy from working-class Scranton, as he is billed, ran best not in factory cities but in university towns.

“His highest percentage in Michigan was in the county containing Ann Arbor, not Detroit. He ran stronger in Madison, Wisconsin’s Dane County than in Milwaukee County; stronger in Iowa City than in Des Moines; stronger in Missoula, Montana, with its university than in Butte with its copper mines; just as strong in metro Columbus (Ohio State University) as in metro Cleveland.

“Biden’s strongest area in California was the San Francisco Bay (University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University). His strongest county in upstate New York was Tompkins (Cornell University). His strongest counties in North Carolina were Durham and Orange (Duke University and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill).

“White college grads have become the dominant constituency in the Democratic Party…Democratic percentages among white college graduates have ballooned.”
Michael Barone, senior political analyst for the Washington Examiner and resident fellow at American Enterprise Institute

“Hunter Biden has been under investigation since 2018. We only found out about this now. The media didn’t dig into allegations about Hunter during the entirety of the 2020 election cycle. Many declared that stories from the @NYPost were Russian disinformation. … Your job was to bring relevant information to the American public. You ignored it, because you are largely Democratic mouthpieces. You spent months claiming Trump would burn the mailboxes to stop voting. You suggested Stacey Abrams was governor of Georgia due to voter suppression. You openly screamed for censorship from social media directed at alternative sources of information you refused to cover. There are many kinds of threat to democracy. As a famous former newspaper once said, ‘Democracy dies in darkness.’ You guys are, all too often, the people turning out the lights.”
Ben Shapiro

“The faster we get 75% of this country vaccinated, the faster we end COVID and the sooner everything returns to normal. “We have to create, in my judgment, an incentive for people to really accelerate their thinking about taking the vaccine. If you’re still afraid of the vaccine and don’t want to take it, that’s your right. You won’t participate in this program. But guess what? You’re going to benefit anyhow, because we’ll get the country to herd immunity faster, which benefits you. So I think everyone wins.”
U.S. Rep. John Delaney, D-Maryland, a former presidential candidate is proposing a measure that would pay people $1,500 in exchange for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Delaney said the payment would be an “incentive” for those who might be reluctant to take the vaccine.

“I’ve been walking around the city nonstop talking to small businesses owners and every story is sadder than the next. Everyone is like, ‘I wake up every day and I don’t know how much longer I can do this. I had 60 employees but now all I have is six, or now it’s only me.’ These are family businesses, these are moms and dads, brothers and sisters. I feel firmly we’re the backbone of the city. And they’re destroying us, they’re ripping us apart, they’re tearing out the heart and soul of the city.”
Rory Cox, the founder of the newly-formed San Francisco Small Business Alliance, after newly imposed restrictions

 “Policymakers need to realize that when they promulgate COVID-19 restrictions, they are asking the people with the least economic margin for error to sacrifice the most. Congress needs to pass a new stimulus bill to cushion the blow of a natural disaster that has immiserated many millions of people through no fault of their own. And the incoming Biden administration ideally would realize that fashionable causes like climate change need to take a back seat to the pursuit of full economic recovery. The economic pain is not the worst that the pandemic has wrought, but it cannot be ignored.”
Columnist Rich Lowry

“Why do politicians, arguably the most non-essential members of our society, suddenly get to decide who is and isn’t ‘essential’? Why are we letting them?”
Political activist and commentator Charlie Kirk

“If Planned Parenthood is so concerned about women of color, why aren’t they offering free abortions? Or taking the $40 million they spend on political campaigns and redirecting it to patients? Simple. Because their concern isn’t women — it’s their bottom line. At the end of the day, abortion is a business, and their goal is to make as much money as possible.”
Tony Perkins

“A group of my colleagues want to spend another trillion dollars — including almost $200 billion to bail out liberal states with governors that can’t do the basic job they’re elected to do: manage their own budgets.”
Senator Rick Scott

 “The WHO now recommends against hugging over the holidays. Like we said last week, pretty soon you won’t be able to say Merry Christmas.”
Rep. Jim Jordan


Heartbroken kids


The 2016 book “Evicted” turned a spotlight on the eviction crisis in Milwaukee’s poorest neighborhoods.

Author Matthew Desmond,  a professor at Princeton University, embedded himself in Milwaukee in 2008 and 2009 to focus on the housing crisis. He said he chose Milwaukee because the eviction story here was similar to other cities, such as Kansas City and Cleveland, and Milwaukee’s situation “tells an American story”.

When the book was released in 2016, Desmond reported that Milwaukee landlords were evicting 16,000 adults and children each year because they either fell behind in their rent; landlord foreclosure; or the property was being condemned. Thus, more than one in eight renters in the city were forced to move between 2009 and 2011.

It’s worse now, a nationwide epidemic.


The Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), a U.S. agency within the Executive Office of the President, which advises the president of the United States on economic policy, reported “The construction industry has recovered 74.2 percent of all pandemic job losses as of November. Nearly two-thirds of all job gains over the past seven months occurred in relatively low-wage sectors vulnerable to shutdowns, including retail, leisure & hospitality, and education and health services.”


The resurgence of the virus


From pandemic pickup lines to “Tiger King” discourse, this is what dating looked like in 2020.

A husband went for a 280-mile walk to calm down after an argument with his wife. He then got fined for breaching coronavirus lockdown regulations.

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