Today’s highly interesting read (12/11/20): Remote Learning Isn’t Working

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Today’s read is from Brian Mark Weber at the Patriot Post. Here’s an excerpt:

Earlier this year, fears over the coronavirus shuttered classrooms across the country as school systems opted for makeshift online learning. At the time, the stopgap measure seemed like the only way to keep our kids both safe and engaged with their schooling.

Despite growing pains faced by teachers and students suddenly forced to learn in front of computers, the overall impact on the ability of students to learn was unknown. Months later, though, the evidence now shows many children are failing their online classes. Remote education may be fine for some adults, but most kids need to be in schools with their teachers and classmates.

And the emerging statistics are even more troubling for certain demographics.

Read the entire column here.

4 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (12/11/20): Remote Learning Isn’t Working

  1. Online learning, even with a lot of teacher face time, concise rubrics, a complete and well- thought out program, requires A LOT of parent participation PER child if it is going to work. Think of how much time parents spend helping with homework. Now quadruple it. It is daunting.
    Add to that the fact many parents are earning a living and running a household. As a homeschooler myself, I can tell you it takes a load of discipline and fine-tuning over many years.
    My biggest worry was for the families who could not provide a home-based education, either due to inability or simply not caring.
    Then again, all the discipline problems came home. Shudder. I hate to think what might be going on, and hope CPS is aware. What a nightmare.


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