These people actually expect, and then get, a paycheck

For those of you who get the print edition of the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in the sports section the paper’s sportswriters give a brief analysis of the Packer game as well as their predicted final score.

It’s always worthwhile reading.

Now imagine if one of the four or five writers wrote this:

The Packers might win. Or they might lose.

You’d spit out your Sunday morning coffee, then race to your phone to once and for all cancel your subscription to this liberal rag.

That sort of foolish reporting was on full display today when the newspaper’s so-called “experts” were trying to “report” on what will happen weather-wise this Saturday in SE WI.

It might snow. It might not.

I kid you not.

I’d be embarrassed if I was a Journal Sentinel editor to approve such a flagrant act of non-journalism. Talk about CYA.

When I worked at WTMJ the place had some wonderful weather people. I won’t mention the particular meteorologist who told me why a certain forecast had been badly bungled.

“The wind shifted.”

On another occasion when the wind did not shift…

“A front came through.”

And my favorite, when neither of those occurred…

“Kevin, it’s not an exact science.”

Weather people have great job security. Wrong a lot? Not to worry. Promotion.

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