Today’s highly interesting read (12/09/20): Give to Charity Before Politics

Today’s read is from Louis DeBroux, a constitutional conservative who has been a weekly analyst for The Patriot Post since 2015. Here’s an excerpt:

Recently, Dallas mavericks owner Mark Cuban got some blowback from his progressive friends for offering what, to most Americans, was a worthy suggestion. He tweeted, “For those considering donating to Reps or Dems in the Georgia Senate run-offs, can you please re-consider and donate that money to your local foodbank and organizations that can help those without food or shelter? Let’s put Americans in need above Politics.”

Celebrity singer and Joe Biden endorser John Legend immediately retorted, “I get that politics is annoying and contentious, but the bottom line is that the Senate flipping would be far more impactful than a food bank donation. We need massive stimulus and aid to individuals and small businesses. Government needs to do this. Charity isn’t sufficient.”

In that brief exchange, we see the greatness of, and the dangers to, the foundation of American civil society.

Read the entire column where DeBroux elaborates here. It’s brilliant.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (12/09/20): Give to Charity Before Politics

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