‘A Great Loss for America’ – African-American conservative columnist dies

“A Great Loss for America.”

That’s how Kay C. James, President of The Heritage Foundation described the death of Walter E. Williams, the John M. Olin distinguished professor of economics at George Mason University and longtime columnist. He was 84.

Williams began writing a weekly column, “A Minority View,” in 1981. He is also the author of 10 books, and published more than 150 scholarly articles.

The Heritage Foundation writes, ” Walter Williams was an American hero. Born in poverty, raised by a single mother in the projects of North Philadelphia, a college drop-out, he overcame all types of adversity to become a nationally renowned professor, economist and columnist.”

Conservative columnist Scott Morefield writes, “What a legend. What a life lived. He didn’t teach us WHAT to think. He taught us HOW to think, and his influence and his work will outlive us all. Thank you for making a real difference in this world, and on my life.”

I often posted his thoughtful, insightful columns on my blog. Here are two recent:

Today’s highly interesting read (09/10/20): Spiritual Poverty, Not Material Poverty, Holds Blacks Back Today

Today’s highly interesting read (06/11/20): The True Plight of Black Americans

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