Today’s highly interesting read (11/20/20): After years of Democrats’ lectures, it turns out that hate wins

A man tries to remove 'Kill Trump' graffiti in Oakland, California (Noah Berger/Reuters)

Today’s read is from the Washington Times. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Hate wins.

After four years of these people lecturing us about how “Love Wins” and “Love Trumps Hate,” it turns out that hate really does win. At least for these people.

Ask yourself, do you know a single person who braved the mailbox this year to cast a mail-in ballot for Joseph R. Biden because they absolutely loved him? Do you know a single person who was so enthralled with Mr. Biden’s five decades collecting a federal paycheck in Washington that they just HAD to vote for the guy?

Read the entire column here.

5 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (11/20/20): After years of Democrats’ lectures, it turns out that hate wins

  1. “But in this world, even opinions require warnings. If this is how they treat the president of the United States, just think what they will do to you.”
    Interesting thought. It is also scary to contemplate the rage expressed when two people refuse to certify an election when they see discrepancies.

    I thought hate had no home here.

    They control the rhetoric.

    That has to stop. I am not so sure the common folks are aware but those in power are cognizant that this is a pivotal moment: are we going to continue to be a free America with a real election or an “America” with a worthless constitution, a yellow media that panders to the only political party we are allowed to have, threats, name-calling, shaming, intolerance, etc. posing as “love”?
    And of course the name-callers never answer questions, they deflect. They are never responsible. They feel they are so morally correct, that in spite of their terrible behavior, they are fighting for the right cause.
    For what it’s worth Kevin, all I can do from my little corner is offer up a nasty case of shingles. If I don’t comment again, I pray you, Jennifer, and darling Kyla have a blessed and fantastic Thanksgiving!!!! 🙂


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