The 10 Commandments for Hunters

Wisconsin’s nine-day gun deer season begins Saturday. The Wisconsin DNR is reporting that as of Nov. 16, sales for gun, bow, crossbow, sports, and patron licenses reached 591,689. Of that total, 343,627 are for gun privileges only.

The DNR is reminding hunters to practice safety protocols for both gun safety and COVID-19.

“With COVID-19, we all must work together to keep our communities healthy and safe this deer season. To help stop the spread of this virus, I want to remind folks that they should hunt with people from their household,” said DNR Secretary Preston D. Cole. “Equally important is firearm safety which is essential to any responsible hunting trip so we can all get back to our families safely.”

One of my all-time favorite columnists is Doug Giles. He’s also a minister and avid hunter.

In 2015 Giles wrote a column on the 10 Commandments for Hunters.

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