I go on national TV to discuss Bambi

Lawrencia Bembenek, Playboy Bunny Convicted of Murder, Dies at 52 - The New  York Times

Back in August a production crew from the cable TV network Oxygen spent more than 3 hours interviewing me about the Lawrencia (Bambi) Bembenek case which I covered when I was in radio news.  The crew was in New York and I was in my living room for my part of the taping for the channel’s program “Snapped.”

Oxygen says “With 28 defining seasons and nearly 16 years of production, ‘Snapped’ is the network’s longest-running original series and one of the most successful true-crime shows in history.”

This episode is now being promoted on Oxygen’s website: “One woman’s innocence is called into question when a mother of two is found deceased in a Milwaukee home. However, the controversial case is far from buttoned up, when years later, new evidence comes to light…that changes everything.”

The programs airs this Sunday afternoon at 5:00 Central Time (Channel 73 on Spectrum Cable).

“Are you in love with Lawrencia Bembenek?”

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