My response to Franklin’s wussy Athletic Director, Jordan Hein

Jordan Hein and the Franklin School District flip-flopped today, allowing the girls swim team to compete later this week at state (great) but denying the football team from playing in a WIAA tournament (blatantly unfair).

From Jordan Hein, issued earlier today, Wednesday:

Hi everyone, I have the honor of serving as the athletics and activities director at FPS. I know the news this week regarding a virtual transition and loss of athletics and activities was disappointing and sudden. I am proud of the community support and passion for our athletics and activities programs at FHS as I heard from many of you this week. Our goal is to get back to in-person learning and back to full athletics and activities as soon as possible. We need you on our team to do that. Please join us in throwing all of Franklin’s support behind our swim state qualifiers and all of our students who are impacted by the temporary closure. Our state qualifiers are ready to represent all of Franklin, including their football peers, with Saber Pride.Thank you all for supporting our students and for working hard to restore our community health so we can get back to in-person learning. I won’t be responding to messages/replies here, but feel free to reach out to me via email at

My response to Hein:

In 1965 I started helping my father take tickets at football games at South Stadium in Milwaukee. That started a long history of working for MPS Athletics that continues today, 55 years later, as a chain gang member, public address announcer, scorer and timer for basketball and soccer. During that time I have associated with amazing MPS athletic commissioners: Jack Takerian, Bill Molbeck, and Jan Doleschal. Doleschal is in a statewide Hall of Fame.

They were efficient, thorough, and knew at all times what they were doing. You Sir are not in their league and have a lot to learn. Your social media message does nothing to resolve or heal the injustice that you and the school district have inflicted on parents and student athletes in Franklin. It is written in such a manner so as to attempt to somehow win people over to a totally unfair decision. You forget that we are smarter than you give us credit for. Shame on you and the school district. Franklin citizens deserve far better than you. You tried to snow us with your syrupy phony message. I’m pretty sure it didn’t work.

4 thoughts on “My response to Franklin’s wussy Athletic Director, Jordan Hein

  1. Is the right thing to do for Jordan to override everybody that had implemented the strategy they put into place? MPS athletic directors called off sports completely and stuck to it. Was that the right thing to do?

    The wussy (solid word choice) thing to do would be to deviate from the plan they laid out. The wussy thing to do is to succumb to the pressure that parents put on administration on a daily basis, whether it be coaches, ADs, health departments. Or is the wussy thing to do is to throw stones from behind a computer at people, for making a decision months ago and sticking to it. Sticking to it knowing that you will be in the middle of a storm of angry emails and phone calls.

    While your list of ADs may have been good at their post, I would bet the house that every one of them learned a lot about the job, while on the job. I would double down on them telling you this much. If they “knew what they were doing at all times” they were sorely underachieving in their career choice.

    You seem to have the playbook at your hands though. So im sure this falls on deaf ears.


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