WI Gov. Evers tries to ruin the holidays

Right Direction Wisconsin PAC Releases New Ad Campaign Starring Governor Tony  Evers As “Grinch Governor”

In a televised address tonight Evers announced he has signed an executive order advising, not mandating Wisconsinites to stay home.

So, please, cancel the happy hours, dinner parties, sleepovers, and playdates at your home. And if a friend or family member invites you over, offer to hang out virtually instead.

And unfortunately, with the holidays just around the corner, we recommend that you plan to celebrate just with your own household. You can still invite others to join virtually, but we advise you not to go to any gatherings with people who are not in your immediate home.

Has there ever been a wimpier, more useless governor in Wisconsin’s history?

13 thoughts on “WI Gov. Evers tries to ruin the holidays

  1. Really? Only the people in your “immediate household”? What about those of us who live alone? We should just sit at home, by ourselves, for Thanksgiving and Christmas?
    Don’t say living alone is my choice because it’s not. I’m a widow with grown kids living out of state and now you’re saying I can’t go to a relative’s for the holiday days. You really don’t look at the big picture, do you?

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  2. He’s the reason suicide are up by between 75-150% between varying demographics in this state right now. Sure just stay lock in your homes it will be fine and while you’re at it here’s a gun.

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  3. Tony Evers, should be criminally charged, with Endangering the lifes and safety of the citizens of Wisconsin. Governor Evers, should be held accountable for all the people that have taken there own lives in the act of Suicide, and he should be prmersonally responsible for paying out if his own personal bank account to all the businesses that shutdown, due to his Communist state wide shutdown.

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  4. Tony Evers can go straight to hell. The fake pandemic can go away now. Election is over. All the fake news is a bunch of bullshit . It’s the flu. 99.1 perfect who get it recover. I’m seeing my family for the holidays. And we are going to enjoy the time together. So go to hell Tony The Taxer .

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  6. He will break what is left of small business if he shuts our state down again. Ass hat . Follow the democratic agenda. He will have a civil war in his own state if he continues this crap

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