Today’s highly interesting read (11/09/20): In the Fight

No Way but to Fight' Review: Ready to Rumble and Reinvent - WSJ

Since the passing of Election Day I’ve heard of a lot of folks say we need to settle down, accept what transpired, and move on. Many of them are Republicans.

President Trump was right when he said at a Wisconsin rally that Republicans don’t play the tough game.

Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe, one of my favorite columnists, advises “Ignore the hotheads” because “Americans voted for less drama and strife, not more.”

Closer to home the moderator of a Milwaukee-area Republican Facebook page had an absolute hissy fit when I described this post of his as preposterous:


I find it very ironic that this tumultuous election came to an end in Philadelphia—The City of Brotherly Love. The birthplace of our Republic!

Spend more time with family and friends. Enjoy the coming holidays. Indulge yourself in a hobby. Eat more pizza. Pet more dogs. Pamper your cat. Travel. RELAX!

I prefer the thoughts of the more insightful Kurt Schlichter:

And some on our side let out sighs of relief, hoping they can move back to business as usual with those irritating Trump voters gone. Our movement has always been about disrupting the comfortable arrangements that let the powerful prosper at the expense of the rest of us. It has also been about resisting the malicious attacks on our traditions and values by jerks posing as our moral superiors. Some of them are Republicans. And they wish we would just shut up and keep paying taxes, fighting their dumb wars, and voting as directed.

Except we are not gone. We’re still here and now we’re really mad.

Read Schlichter’s entire column here.

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