What Trump has already won

This column was published while the polls were open Tuesday. National radio talk show host Larry O’Connor asserted that no matter the outcome, Trump had already won.

It has been an extraordinary four years if you care about foundational conservative issues like originalist jurists on the federal courts and the Supreme Court. Or universally important issues like peace in the Middle East and increased security for our most important ally, Israel.

The enforcement of our immigration laws (not new laws, just the robust enforcement of the laws passed by Congress and previous administrations) has been an incredible reward for Americans who respect the rule of law. Renegotiating NAFTA and other foreign trade deals to put Americans’ interests first has revitalized manufacturing in our country. Cutting taxes and doing away with piles of regulations has lifted our economy and provided jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for all Americans, with Blacks and Latinos benefiting in historic ways.

It’s been remarkable.

Read the entire piece here.

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