The sheer stupidity of a never-Trumper to me is mind boggling

I was dumfounded to learn of one today who I worked with when he and I were part of the Scott Walker administration. I know he’s a staunch conservative. He also has, as I told him, temporarily lost his mind.

Earlier today he went on FB to proclaim:

Folks this is over. Biden is the President-Elect. WI and MI have flipped blue and the numbers simply aren’t there for Trump to overcome Biden’s lead in AZ and NV. Like in 2016 when Trump won, this was a fair election with only legal ballots counted. This is true no matter who tries to sell you that it is not. One thing that makes America truly amazing is the peaceful transition of power after the change in Presidency. In 2016, we saw a respectful President Obama reach out to President-Elect Trump to continue this tradition. Let us hope the President Trump will follow suit.

What’s that old expression: gag me with a spoon. He went on.

What I voted for was bringing decency and leadership back to the White House. Compare what Trump said last night to what Biden said a few hours ago. Trump continued to be a divisive, petulant child. Biden spoke of one country, being President for all Americans, etc.

I had to chime in.

You think Biden is decent? A leader? Very disappointing.

And the final comment my friend made that is beyond preposterous:

Compared to Trump he (Biden) is MLK and Reagan combined. Bar is not high to be more decent and more of a leader than Trump.

I’m not making that up.

Not easy reading a friend and former colleague melt into a ball of jelly.

6 thoughts on “The sheer stupidity of a never-Trumper to me is mind boggling

      • Oh, I wish I could get over my Ick factor with FB. My eldest daughter has tried to persuade me to join, if only for sharing pictures.
        I often check in here for political news, because I find politics a nasty topic, a migraine inducer. For the record, under Trump, we could again comfortably pay bills, buy groceries, help out with tuition, max out 401k, plus mortgage, pay medical bills, buy gas, clothes, you know, the luxuries. For the eight years prior, we struggled. Thank goodness our mortgage is cheap. Thanks Obama. Never trust a sweet talker. These people who worry about
        “mean tweets,” — you don’t know “mean.”
        “Mean”is eating the food you can afford –think during the Carter years. This is what happens when it is no longer polite to slap rude people.
        I have seen the gorgeous pictures of Kyla and you all over the years. The last of –just Kyla during covid with her teacher. She looks all grown up!!!!! My Quinn is her age.
        Another was from a cruise? I think you all took??? Or was it a meeting with the governor? All dressed up so sweet!!!
        I am so pleased to hear you call my family beautiful!We have added two new members: my wonderful, handsome, fabulous, awesome son-in-law Jake Tower! So Rhiannon is now Rhiannon Tower! She met him when she was working her job as an automation engineer. Did I push like mad to get them together? I sure did! Her first boyfriend of three years passed away from pancreatic cancer. Only 30 years old. And Jake was so, so good to her. He is not Catholic, but very very conservative. Sometimes I think that’s better than the other way around.
        The second new family member is our grandson, Damien. Yes, I love that name. It’s Jake’s middle name! Jake is in a band called Identity Crisis with his dad. So he and his dad are cool. This old lady is not cool. I saw them play a few times, drinking tea. My daughter really doesn’t ask me to go with her and I feel it’s a MIL and DIL thing to do, but it’s a great time!!!
        My Teresa is in her last year of nursing school. She hates it. She also gets migraines that make her sick to her stomach and changing people’s diapers doesn’t help. She has a deliciously funny, wicked sense of humor, all while crying real tears for the needy. I want her to get a good paying high paying job and get a master’s so she can get an even better paying job. If Bidet is really going to be President I need the rent. Plus I want her to buy the house next door because she is my best bud. Plus when I get old I figure I need a diaper changer and she’s it for me. My eldest son Gus is 17 and attending MSOE. He already hates the trolley. It seems to pull out in front of him when he is late for class. He is the wunderkind. Self identified nerd, spongebob wiki administrator, star trek fan, only altar server plus Quinn after all the kids stop after 8th grade, graduated year early with top honors and extra classes, prays rosary every night by himself, goes to confession on his own, etc.. Never said a swear word in his life, wants wife and kids. And travel. Tells mama everything. But is not a mama boy, has weight lifted since age ten on his own discipline. Did I mention he is an Eagle Scout? 65 merit badges and 3 palms? Junior leader? Then there is Quinn. He will not cut his hair. Squeals over animals especially cats. And dogs. Likes dancing. And football. Playing, not watching. Hugs his father all the time. Loves stuffed animals. Loves drawing cartoons. Likes to draw sick cartoons of Biden getting his eyes scratched out by cats, Or Elmo getting a free-form silicone butt injection then being run over by a cat driving a truck who slides all over the road from the spilled silicone then slides over a cliff pushing Elmo over the cliff crushing both him and Austin from this Garden computer game. Plays croquet. Loves gorillas. Is called ” Mr. Dude” by littler kids on the block. Is called Young Lady by older people, because his hair curls and his eyes are huge and brown and beautiful. He could care less. Hates Biden and Sesame Streets Elmo with a passion. Is a Boy Scout like his brother brother was without the dedication. He is such a sweet kid!!
        I wrote you a book.
        You have a lot of class, Kevin, and your family rocks.
        Your say what has to be said, but you are never mean. That is a great grace. It takes some of us so many years of learning, reading, thinking, and careful planning of how we deliver a message or even if we say anything. You do this naturally. Maybe your mother taught you. Anyways, it is impressive. It changes hearts, however reluctantly. Thanks for continuing to blog!

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