ONE of the reasons I’m voting for state Representative Ken Skowronski

Tour of Old Main which will be used for housing of homeless veterans and their care. Construction/restoration continues on Old Main or building 2 and Building 1 the original administration building at the Soldiers Home Historic District on the VA grounds in Milwaukee. Photo: Michael Sears / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Ken Skowronski has maintained a longstanding and consistent commitment to our veterans. I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

I worked as an appointee of Gov. Scott Walker at WHEDA, the state housing authority. WHEDA is non-partisan and does wonders for the state of Wisconsin. One of the great WHEDA stories I was involved in was one I wrote about in the summer of 2017. As part of WHEDA’s Transform Milwaukee initiative during the Walker administration WHEDA approved financing to build apartments for veterans at the Soldiers Home complex on the grounds of the Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Milwaukee.

Skowronski was extremely supportive of that and many other veterans’ efforts. He was with us the day we broke ground in 2017. Here’s the piece I wrote for WHEDA. Scroll down to Page 4.

A few days ago the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel provided an update.

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