Whining from Franklin teachers needs to be overlooked in favor of the kids

During my lengthy career I’ve done a ton of public relations (PR) work. A ton.

There is no question in my mind that the profession that does the absolute worst job of PR are the teachers. They are their worst enemies. The more they pout, the more they lose public support.

Tough job, naturally. But they lose major points thanks to their constant whining and moaning and groaning and woe is me campaign.

Sorry. When it comes to tough jobs you’re not even in the Top 25. No, those spots are reserved for the military, police, fire, surgeons, nurses, EMTs, airplane pilots, taxi drivers, construction worker, truck driver, corrections officer.

According to this assessment, teachers need to get in line to complain.

So now teachers in Franklin are doing what teachers (not all) from a PR perspective do too often: cry.

My 11-year old daughter Kyla attends Forest Park Middle School. She absolutely loves it and ALL of her teachers.

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On October 16 in a newsletter to Franklin school parents District  Administrator Judy Mueller wrote:

I want to take this opportunity to share some updated details and information with you about how our metrics around COVID-19 will look for this week. As you recall from the August 25th release of our Metrics & Transition plan one of our four trigger points we monitor on our dashboard was defined as “a significant community outbreak is occurring or has recently occurred, and is impacting multiple staff, students, and families within the community.” On our weekly dashboard, this is represented by the Community Burden Rate. Generally speaking, burden rate reflects the level of disease spread within the community. The higher the burden rate, the higher the level of disease prevalence. You’ll see for the first time since we have published our dashboard that the Franklin Community Burden Rate has increased to red.

While the burden rate for the Franklin community is red, we have made the decision not to close schools at this time. At present, the increase in community numbers has yet to directly impact our schools. We continue to see low rates of cases in our schools and we are continuing to safely manage those cases and close contacts.

That said, if community spread continues, it will impact our schools. For that reason, Courtney Day, the Director of Health and Human Services for Franklin, and I have drafted this joint release that we ask you to please read.

Personally I am extremely grateful to the school district for doing all they can to keep schools open. I am confident in their judgment. I ask school officials not to give in to the bunch that I’ve been told, not just from Franklin but other districts, that a lot of teachers (again, not all) want to wake up, wander over to their computers in their jammies, and teach from there.

3 thoughts on “Whining from Franklin teachers needs to be overlooked in favor of the kids

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