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Merrill’s Marauders

Greg the locksmith

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Carlo Acutis


Dems on the US Senate Judiciary Committee, including Mazie Hirono

ABC News

Savannah Guthrie


“You said you are an originalist, is that true? What does that mean in English?”
Chairman Lindsey Graham kicked off Tuesday’s confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett

“In English. Okay, so in English that means that I interpret the Constitution as a law. That I interpret its text as text. And I understand it to have the meaning that it had at the time people ratified it. So that meaning doesn’t change over time and it’s not up to me to update it or infuse my own policy views into it.”
Barrett’s response

“Well Senator, I’ve tried to be on a media blackout for the sake of my own mental health but you know, you can’t keep yourself walled off against everything so I’m aware of all of the caricatures floating around. So I think what I would like to say in response to that question is look, I’ve made distinct choices. I decided to pursue a career and have a large family. I have a multi-racial family. Our faith is important to us. All of those things are important to us but they are my choices and in my personal interactions with people, I mean, I have a life brimming with people who have made different choices and I have never tried in my personal life to impose my choices on the them and the same is true professionally. I apply the law.

“Senator, I think I should say why I’m sitting in this seat in response to that question too. Why I’ve agreed to be here because I don’t think it’s any secret to any of you or the American people that this is a really difficult, some would say excruciating, process. Jesse and I had a very brief amount of time to make a decision with momentous consequences for our family.  We knew that our lives would be combed over for any negative detail. We knew our faith would be caricatured. We knew our family would attacked. And so we had to decide whether those difficulties would be worth it because what sane person would go through that if there weren’t a benefit on the other side? And the benefit I think is that I’m committed to the rule of law and the role of the Supreme Court in dispensing equal justice for all and I’m not the only person who could do this job but I was asked and it would be difficult for anyone so why should I say someone else should do the difficulty if the difficulty is the only reason to say no? I should serve my country and my family is all in on that because then share my belief in the rule of law.” 
Judge Barrett when she was asked by Graham, “How does it feel to be nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States?”

“Judge Barrett was so well-prepared that she didn’t even need notes for these proceedings. She gave an ace answer regarding Obamacare and severability, which is one of the key legal points in this case. She has invoked the Ginsburg rule on a variety of questions, as giving her personal opinion on matters that could come before the Court would be unethical. She has done so with the line of inquiry concerning abortion. She has proven herself to be eons smarter than the Democrats in the room. She is qualified and her credentials are beyond reproach. This is going to happen.”
Matt Vespa at Townhall.com

“I am not here on a mission to destroy the Affordable Care Act. I’m just here to apply the law and adhere to the rule of law.”
Judge Barrett

“I hate to be someone who judges women on their clothes but I’m sorry ACB’s outfits are all way too handmaids-y.”
Katie Hill, the former congresswoman who resigned from Congress in disgrace last year after reports revealed that she had engaged in a sexual relationship with a campaign staffer

“The liberal left is attacking Judge Barrett in this way because they can’t attack her on her qualifications or character. No woman should have to deal with this kind of blatant sexism.”
Senator Joni Ernst

“Do you hate little warm puppies?”
Sen. John Kennedy questioning Judge Barrett

“I do not hate little warm puppies.”
Judge Barrett

“Trump’s supporters are fanatically dedicated, eager to low crawl over a half-mile of shattered Coors bottles if that is what it takes to cast their vote for the president. In contrast, Biden rallies look like the shopping mall in Dawn of the Dead, which is apt since the guy handling his media events is apparently George Romero. Only the flesh-eating zombies had more pep than the Delaware Dementite’s fans.

“Contrast that with Trump’s fans. Many of them are out and proud, Friends of Donald who are no longer on the down-low. Trump signs cover the rural regions. His big rallies rock. Supporters are spontaneously organizing car rallies, boat rallies, and the Amish are even doing buggy rallies. To rouse Biden’s bunch, you’d need a defibrillator.”
Columnist Kurt Schlichter

“So, instead of anybody coming at you, and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg!”
At ABC’s town hall event on Thursday, Democratic candidate Joe Biden had a plan to deal with the so-called problem of police brutality. Biden said police should be trained not to shoot violent suspects in the center of mass.

“We shoot to stop the threat. You could be endangering the public by shooting and missing. Nowhere have I ever heard in police training that we shoot to kill. We shoot to stop the threat. We do not shoot to kill.”
Lawrence O’Toole, a lieutenant colonel with the St. Louis Police Department

“We have a continuum of use of force policies that we follow. Officers are trained to de-escalate situations, to use the minimal force necessary, to contain a situation, and to bring it to a peaceful conclusion. If an officer is forced to use lethal force, that means there’s imminent danger. If there’s that level of danger that would force an officer to use a firearm, he’s trained to shoot to body mass. It takes some really special equipment and a real good marksman to disable someone by shooting them in the leg.”
Dana Schrad, the executive director of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police

“Shooting someone in the leg does not stop someone immediately. You’re trying to stop an immediate threat. And shooting someone in the leg doesn’t stop them from killing or shooting someone else.” A deer-hunting relative “once asked me, ‘Why don’t cops just shoot suspects in the leg?’ And I told him, ‘The next time you shoot at a deer, aim for the leg.’ He got it immediately.”
Dave Grossman, a retired Lt. Col. in the United States Army

“I DVR’d last week’s vice presidential debate featuring Harris and Vice President Mike Pence so I could give it the attention it deserved, which translates into ‘freeze framing and rewinding’ those moments of particular interest.

“I had heard about the fly on Pence’s head, and wanted to see the little squatter for myself. I had heard about the eye rolling and grimaces from Harris and her almost ‘I’m With Stupid’ mannerisms when the current vice president was talking. I already had experience with her whiny, nasal delivery, and as an aside, am considering elective ear drum removal if she does become veep. And I had also heard about how each candidate had expertly and consistently deflected questions like ‘will you support packing the Supreme Court’ and ‘is climate change real?’

“Everything I’d heard was confirmed by the DVR. I had also heard that Harris was disrespected by Pence when he spoke over her or exceeded his time limits, and was astounded by the novel theory that she wasn’t as aggressive as she might have been because she didn’t want to come off looking like an ‘angry Black woman.’ That was news to me, because while she didn’t look angry, she did look bemused, patronizing, supercilious and impatient in her smirking glory. The mere suggestion that she was reigning in her true nature is a little rich, because I think we all had an opportunity to see that nature on full, Technicolor display.”
Christine Flowers, an attorney and a columnist for the Delaware County Daily Times

“Kamala Harris is not a team player. Her political career has consistently come ahead of her duty to her constituents during her time as both an attorney general and senator. While she has risen in power over the course of her career—what has she actually accomplished? Her record of defending the vulnerable—specifically victims of sexual assault—is particularly concerning. 

“Mothers tempted to vote for Harris should be concerned about her role in burying evidence against some 40 alleged child molesters. Even if you disagree with Barrett’s views—there’s no use denying that she cares deeply about children and will do her best to defend the vulnerable. Harris has given us many reasons to question her commitment to protecting children, born and unborn.”
Katie Kieffer is a commentator, entrepreneur and author of Let Me Be Clear.”


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