Savannah Guthrie is no Helen Thomas

Did you watch tonight’s town hall meeting with President Trump on NBC?

In a disgraceful display, host Savannah Guthrie clearly demonstrated what’s wrong with today’s clearly biased media. She was bitter, angry, snippy and snarky in one interruption after another.

Look Savannah, we know you don’t support the president. We know you don’t like him. But as a professional, you’re not supposed to make it so obvious.

White House reporters have always been confrontational and tough, but nowhere as vicious as Guthrie was tonight, a practice shared by the vast majority of the media today.

Helen Thomas, the dean of White House correspondents during her time was the best. Thomas engaged in the proper way to cover the POTUS. It’s a lost art. Guthrie couldn’t carry Thomas’ typewriter.

One thought on “Savannah Guthrie is no Helen Thomas

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