Guest Blog: Kamala Harris…she’s a tramp

Forward this missile to your FRIENDS so they all know what kind of a tramp that Kamala Harris is.

Look at her record.

Kamala will send SWAT teams to get our guns leaving us defenseless, while leaving the thugs that she will let out of jail with lots of guns.

She wants taxes at 55%, from everyone, like Canada/Belgium/France. 

 She cares little about your 401ks.

 She thinks that abortion till birth and after is a sacrament.

She is vicious Anti-Christian. She likes killing babies, even though most are Black.

She would get us into more wars like Obama did with his foreign policy.

Open borders is her thing, the economy would go to hell, but their friends would get rich.

Inner city people would lose their jobs.

Stupid debates

Why the hell should Donald debate?  He has to debate losers like Chris Wallace, the dopey press and the SWAMP. Then he wins and they claim he was so bad that Biden won, but wants to stop debates and change the format so Biden can get support.  Only complete idiots, some GOP would agree to that.

How to Handle the Press Without Getting Butts Burned

First: Tell the Truth.  It is easier to remember.  When you lie, you always get caught so end up with 3-4 problems instead of just one.

Second:  Never throw friends under the truck.  You actually hurt yourself and do not get votes from the other side. Never stab friends in back. Nixon said it best: “when the Dems get into trouble they form circle and fire out.  When a GOP leader gets into trouble the opposite happens.”

But even worse is that the people in the leadership handle things stupidly, when they could turn it into an asset.

Chotiner: “In politics you must attack, attack, attack.  Never defend never apologize, never retreat.”  When attacked, yell smear and go back on the attack.

RFK could have said the same thing. RFK was the Kennedy attack dog.  He was aide to Joe McCarthy too.  So how would we have handled this little to do about Kamala Harris sleeping her way up with Willie Brown, confirmed by Willie? Google Kamala and Willie. The comment that Keith Best put up on the internet!

Fact is that if you google the two you will find hundreds of articles that say that. Patrick Marley (of MJS) attacks Best and our guys go hide under ether bed. Gutless.

I would have said:  “Thanks Patrick for bringing that up.  I was just reading about that on line.”

It is sad that someone who got ahead that way is making young girls believe that the Casting room couch is the way to get a job.

Bob Dohnal, Publisher
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

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