Strauss workers tell Franklin to approve expansion

I can hear it now.


Still, comments made by current Strauss workers submitted to the city in support of approving the new facility are noteworthy.

I hope this happens, the workers need a bigger place to do their jobs. Right now its too small and we have alot of work. This will be very nice for us

I am 100% for the expansion and excited for future!

I am for the new factory and think it is needed, the one we have needs alot of repairs.

I am definitely for the expansion, I feel it will bring alot of positive changes for all of us at strauss and our families.

I am for the change, we need a new place for a long time.

A new building for strauss and the employees has been long overdue!

I am in support of the Strauss expansion and think it will bring many opportunities for everyone to provide a good life for our families.

I think it will be great to see new place to work inside

I am for the new location, great place to work but building needs alot of improvement.

Like working at Strauss but it is too small for what we are doing.

Need a better up to date factory with new machinery and less manual labor.

Excited for what the future brings if we get a new plant to work in.

I think this is a good opportunity for the business in economic growth for Franklin and providing more jobs for the community

More opportunities for employment growth for the community

Through the years the company has grown alot and it has outgrown the building. I’ve been here for a long time and have given my family a good life so far working at Strauss but it has gotten very old and could use a new building and equipment for everyone to help make the days easier at work.

More job opportunities for the community and business to the company which means higher wages

Better opportunities for business expansion and wage increase

I live in Franklin and feel that this could bring more employment opportunities to the community and revenue as well.

Working in maintenance it would be much easier on the department to work and troubleshoot newer equipment and technology.

Excited to see the possibilities this expansion could bring to the community and my co workers

A bigger operation would provide better oppurtunities for different shifts in the plant that would help at home

The factory we are in right is too small and a new one that is bigger will give us more comfortable conditions.

The plant we work in has become too small for our operation and would be great to work in a new plant with better equipment and space for everyone.

I am supportive of the expansion because it will provide good jobs in my community, and make my job more enjoyable in the new facility.

Source: City of Franklin

2 thoughts on “Strauss workers tell Franklin to approve expansion

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