Franklin-area county supervisors want Gov. Evers to release prisoners

New Rules Change How Authorities Can Punish Inmates In Wisconsin Prisons |  Wisconsin Public Radio

Last week the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted 15-2 to adopt a “resolution calling upon Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure and spread by releasing inmates at high risk for disease complications, those individuals held for crimeless revocation, those scheduled for release within six to nine months, and those sentenced under the older “indeterminant sentencing” regime prior to “truth-in-sentencing.”

The idea is ridiculous but has caught on across the country, being pushed by advocates for criminals. Apparently there’s no sympathy for another vulnerable group of citizens in need of safety and protection: victims of violent crime and their families who have endured mental and physical trauma. But as we all know people locked up are totally innocent.

Passing the County Board resolution is meaningless, not worth the paper it’s written on. How utterly stupid. The County Board is a veritable clown car that is incapable of handling its own affairs, and it’s going to tell the governor what to do? And he’s going to listen?  Even the ACLU is upset with Evers for not releasing inmates as quickly as it wants him to. Three supervisors who each have a portion of Franklin in their districts voted with the majority. One could understand Tony Staskunas and Joe Czarnezki voting favor. They’re Democrats. But what was Patti Logsdon’s rationale for going along with this nonsense? Really dumb, Patti

2 thoughts on “Franklin-area county supervisors want Gov. Evers to release prisoners

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