Today’s highly interesting read (09/24/20): Where Is Joe’s SCOTUS List?

File:Panorama of United States Supreme Court Building at Dusk.jpg -  Wikimedia Commons

The president’s Supreme Court wish list has always been a few dozen. After the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg he added to list that grew to 45, many of them women. Now he’s promised his next nominee will, indeed, be a female.

Today’s read is from  columnist Kurt Schlichter who asks a legitimate question, one the MSM will never ask:

Where Is Joe Biden’s Supreme Court List?

Here’s an excerpt from his column, followed by the piece in its entirety. 

What’s he hiding?

Of course, any such list would not be scribbled down by Bad Touch Biden himself. He’s an unsteady conduit, the terminal soup can for the feverish leftist dreams of the folks talking into the tin cylinder at the other end of the string. The only list Oldfinger could put together himself would read:

  • Oatmeal
  • Ensure
  • Gruel
  • Depends
  • Mush

And it would include a drawing of a happy face.

But we have a right to know what the wizards whose spells animate him have up their sleeves.

Here’s the entire column.

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