Any Milkmen celebration should be about the team, not elected officials

UPDATE: Join us at the Umbrella Bar TOMORROW for a Championship Celebration! Meet the Milkmen, enjoy LIVE music from ‘Total Neon’ and MORE!

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I’m guessing there will be some sort of public celebration to honor the Franklin-based Milwaukee Milkmen for winning the American Association baseball championship in just the second year of the ballclub’s existence. And there should be.

Watch for folks rushing forward to participate and share the love in whatever form the party takes. I submit some shouldn’t be allowed to play ball if there is any fairness.

Topping the list is Franklin alderman Dan Mayer. After originally voting for the concept of Ballpark Commons he’s been anti-Ballpark Commons ever since. The boisterous and sometimes rude neighbors living near Franklin Field have had Mayer firmly entrenched in their hip pockets for a long time. Recently Mayer led the effort to stymie Milkmen owner Mike Zimmerman’s plan to enhance the very popular Milky Way Drive-In.

In May of 2019 Franklin approved paying $19.4 million to help finance high-end apartments at the Ballpark Commons mixed-use development. The Common Council voted 5-1 to also pay $5.2 million to cover cost overruns tied to the development’s sewers and other public improvements. Ald. Dan Mayer was the only opposing vote.

Mayer was the only aldermanic no-show in the summer of 2019 for the Milkmen home opener. He should not be allowed anywhere near an event to pay tribute to our champions.

And that vote by the Common Council to hurt Zimmerman’s drive-in business? It was unanimous. Personally, I’d think twice about including any of them, even though you more or less have to issue the invitation. Just stick them in a corner and instruct them to stay quiet and avoid cameras.  

Courtesy dictates having the mayor attend who I’m sure is writing a proclamation at this very moment. He’ll give a glowing speech at the celebration, no doubt. But just a reminder that the mayor was not always in the Ballpark Commons corner and certainly was not the project’s biggest cheerleader.

The point is people don’t and shouldn’t forget because actions have consequences. A bandwagon isn’t big enough for some who suddenly want front row seats. Any program should be about the team and the organization, and not about a small group that made creating the stadium and the Milkmen far more difficult than it should have been, and that continues to make this popular development jump through so many hoops.

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