Will your community cancel Halloween?

Here in Franklin I think there’s a real chance. If not a cancellation, then all kinds of ridiculous recommended guidelines.


1) It’s Franklin. We’re a backwards community with little vision or forward, critical thinking. We kill just about anything that would build our city. We are the Flintstones, not the Jetsons.

2) City leaders already ruined via cancellation July 4 and our huge annual Labor Day celebration.

At a recent Franklin Common Council meeting, our frightened mayor Steve Olson who appears to have gone all ‘Karen’ on us just had to throw flaming poo, saying Trick or Treat will give Franklin a chance to see rising COVID-19 numbers rise even faster. Olson promised the city will “issue lots of guidelines.” I shudder to imagine how potentially ridiculous they might be. I don’t doubt that one bit. His un-elected bureaucrat health director I’m sure is in her taxpayer funded lab working on ways to shut down families and children this Halloween

3) Abandoning Halloween is happening all over, so it would not be shocking if Franklin followed suit.

Rest assured the anti-Halloween cancel culture is starting to happen. Think it won’t happen where you live?

Read about the foolishness that’s happening across America.

3 thoughts on “Will your community cancel Halloween?

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