Guest Blog: “Wisconsin Lives Matter!”

By Robert Dohnal
WI Conservative Digest

Wisconsin Conservatives:

Your job: Get ten people to put up Trump signs, do doors, call non-voting friends, send out Emails, Facebook to get them out to vote.  And tell them not voting will actually be voting for socialism, 55% taxes, no jobs for minorities, 401ks bottoming, melting your guns into abortion mills.

Worse, more wars. Trump had gotten us out of the three Bush/Obama wars so my kids, all Special Forces do not have to fight anymore.

Thanks again for help that you have given us, and the fact that you are becoming more involved.

We are involved to make sure that the major issues of the day are addressed, because in the last ten years that has not been done. The big issues, not a little tax cut here and there, but the things that make the future of Wisconsin important.

Just like Tommy, our families homesteaded 20 acres in 1856, after coming from Bohemia, so we have long investment in this state.

1.   Kids Cannot Read.

In 12 districts, kids leaving third grade, only 15% can read, so they’re doomed to failure.  Arne Duncan came to Milwaukee and called MPS and those schools: “National Disgrace”.  My wife Jean taught third grade.

2.  Use of Recreational drugs; my specialty for 60 years in fighting this and treating in rehab/Nursing homes. In 2010 there were 100 overdose deaths. Last year over 1000 and climbing rapidly.

3.  Human and sex trafficking, actually encouraged by the left, by their acceptance and pushing of illegal aliens coming to this country.  It is the most horrible crime in the world, as young boys and girls, runaways, illegal coming in from Mexico, many other times are hijacked into the sex trade and tossed aside in few years, or sold overseas into white slavery. 

Watch the move “Taken”. Seems everyone is concerned about slavery in the 19th century but care little about sex slavery now, because they do nothing. Milwaukee called Cadillac of that problem by the Journal.

4.   Bad roads in our urban area, restrains trade and wrecks cars.

5.   Education change over from putting money in to the class rooms, only 50%, and the explosion of administration, overhead,  and left wing politics, we see  huge expenditures into left wing nutty programs.  It is easier to teach ethnic studies, diversity and equity, inclusion then STEM, math, physics, chemistry, English reading.  How many of our kids graduate from high schools and cannot make out an application and how many need remedial subjects before getting into college??

6.  Sensenbrenner, Tommy and many of the rest of us have pushed programs that produce those results but the Left fights them: CHOICE, STEM, Charter, Chap 220, Open enrollment. GOP Inner city leader: Orlando Owens a candidate for state Rep. said it best:  Want equality? We need education and jobs.  

7.  Property taxes are “TOO DAMN High” chasing seniors and younger families to other states.

9.  Crime is exploding in inner city while we build trolleys and Forum. Forum is a success, but the priority should be families, education, and not just throwing more money at it, but demanding excellence. Headline in Wall Street Journal yesterday: “Bad Teaching is tearing America Apart”. Kids need jobs, not lectures on the left wing programs. Snuff out the cartels operating in city that are busy killing people.  

10. Lawlessness:

Biden brings Mobs and Trump brings Jobs. Evers burned down two cities by gross negligence and inaction.  Where is the GOP yelling about this??   

That is enough for now to work on, but look at the programs proffered by the leaders of the Govt in Wisconsin. See those problems addressed there?

See why people throughout the state that are Conservative, the 99% that the Wisconsin Conservative digest talks to daily, and wonder why they hate Mad city and will not join the GOP? They believe that the people of both parties in Mad city are only interested in power and getting re-elected, then solving their problems; so they just do not vote.

I remember years ago, in a big meeting on the issues, then-State Rep. John Shabaz said:  “We are here to do something, not just get re-elected.” The people out state, and this is confirmed by Ron Johnson, all of our canvassers this fall, and in my hundreds of emails, Facebook, etc., believe that the Gov and the Legislature are bought and paid for by the special interests and they care little about them. Is that why so many stay home?

Bob Dohnal
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

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