These plans could be exciting for Franklin

At Tuesday’s Franklin Common Council meeting there’s an agenda item to review a development proposal of six lots, including storage, Kwik Trip, and Health Club.

On June 4, 2020, James O’Malley of O’Malley Development in Elm Grove submitted a Concept Review for a proposed commercial development at 9540 S. 76th St., the corner of 76th St. and Ryan Rd. The 22.68 acre parcel is currently vacant. The resulting commercial district would include initial development of roads, a mini storage facility and Kwik Trip Convenience Store along Ryan Road, and subsequently a tennis and swimming health club in the interior of the development. O’Malley is seeking proposals to develop the remaining parcels.

On June 6, 2020, O’Malley wrote and submitted to the city a summary of the project. Here’s a portion of his report:

I am proposing to subdivide, rezone and develop approximately 27 acres on the Southeast corner of South 76 Street and West Ryan Road. The property is currently zoned R-8 Multifamily and A-1 Agricultural and is being farmed as vacant land. The property is fully serviced with sewer, water, electric, phone/cable and natural gas.

I’m proposing to subdivide the property and install new roadways to access the entire site. I would extend sewer, storm sewer and water to reach each area of the property within the site only.

The first things to be developed on the site will be a Quick Trip gas station on Parcel 2 and a 3 story inside only drive-thru self storage building on Parcel 3. The type of building I’m proposing is a high end, fully climate controlled facility, with elevators to the 2’and 3’floors. These type of self storage buildings are being built in major retail areas on major collector roads here in Wisconsin and throughoutthe country. Attached are two photos of one located on Hwy 83 in Hartland, WI. Another is being built right now on one of the most prominent and highly visible corner in Oak Creek, at Howell and Drexel Avenue. A fully drive-thru and “out of the elements” self storage facility will be a great benefit to the area residents and businesses, now even more so, because our country is working from home, and we need to support this new trend of doing business.

I believe there is a need in Franklin for a safe family friendly pool and tennis club like many located around the Milwaukee metro area but not like Tuckaway country club which offers golf and banquet facilities. I would like the club to be accessible to the Root River bike pathway so families can ride a bike to the pool and tennis club and neighboring subdivisions. I would like the pool area to have an all adult area and a family kid area with a couple of water sides and water fountains. Typically, these type of facilities don’t generate a ton of income and they are expensive to build but I’m happy to make this investment in Franklin by subsidizing it with the profits I earn from the rest of the site. However, I’ve never built or operated a club like this, so it is my intention to partner up with an existing club to be sure that it is successful. This project, with all the types of business I’ve mentioned, will add valuable services to this area of Franklin that needs to see growth and will inspire other development in the area too. Lastly, by developing this property, it will generate valuable taxes “NOW” to the city without requiring a TIF.

Naturally there will be all kinds of hoops to jump through including the imposition of impact fees. No action will be taken at Tuesday’s meeting. The city is expected to  provide feedback that O’Malley would use to determine if he wants to pursue the project.

There will also be discussion on some other items of note, including a proposal by Shelley Tessmer to develop a dog park just west of 6855 South 27th Street, and plans to add more pickleball courts.

Too good to be true? Tangible progress in sleepy Franklin?

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