Week-ends (09/12/20)

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Sergeant Major Thomas P. Payne

Catharine Knight

Andrea Mason

Cartier Carey

Milwaukee Milkman Adam Walker


Domestic terrorists in NYC

Joel Murn

The Green Bay Packers


“So to be clear, Bob Woodward supposedly had a Trump quote from Feb 7 saying he knew the virus was airborne and deadly. But it couldn’t be released until his book came out in… September, 8 wks before the election. Okay then.”
Jazz Shaw on Twitter

“Is going to get your hair done playing down the virus?”
Columnist Kurt Schlichter on Twitter

“CNN will not show… – The sentence where Trump says he’s trying not to panic people – Coumo inviting people to NY – Pelosi telling people to party – De Blasio telling people to dine out – Biden opposing the China flight ban.”
Columnist Kurt Schlichter on Twitter

“First, let’s be honest, if Trump had acted the way the media wants him to act in this crisis he still would be attacked…for causing panic. You all know this. Second, are we forgetting that Biden didn’t think much of this virus? He called the China travel ban which curbed deaths and infections immensely as ‘xenophobic.’ Third, new therapeutics have saved lives—all ordered by the Trump White House. Also, there have been multiple studies showing that the lockdowns were a disaster. In fact, maybe even more harmful to the health of the country than the virus itself. Information about COVID on surfaces has changed, the mask protocols were bungled from the beginning, and the CDC’s own study on the mortality rate showed that this virus is overall unremarkable. It may come as a shock to the media, but there are other viruses that are much more lethal than COVID. The seasonal flu to this day has killed more people in Virginia than COVID. And for the millionth time, stop citing the number of cases we’ve has since March. The U.S has over six million cases total since then, it doesn’t mean that there are six million people infected right now. That’s a classic liberal media panic line. And now, this insinuation that there was a cover-up with COVID.”
Columnist Matt Vespa

“Jacob Jr. told Sen. Harris that he was proud of her, and the senator told Jacob that she was also proud of him and how he is working through his pain. Jacob Jr. assured her that he was not going to give up on life for the sake of his children.”
Civil rights attorney Ben Crump on Kamala Harris meeting with the family of Jacob Blake Jr in Kenosha

“PROUD of him? He’s accused of breaking into a sleeping woman’s house, sexually assaulting her, humiliating her & later returning to harass her. Then the cops she called for help say he resisted arrest, assaulted them & went for his knife. How about a word for his victim, Senator?”
Megyn Kelly on Kamala Harris

“I realize that this is hardly ‘breaking news.’ A lot of us figured out a long time ago that many journalists had a political ax to grind — and it was a bias that usually went in just one direction. But these latest numbers are pretty bad: 86 percent of Americans say there is either a ‘fair amount’ or a ‘great deal’ of political bias in news coverage. That’s astounding. Nearly nine out of every 10 Americans think journalists slant the news.

“Among Republicans, 71 percent have an unfavorable view of the news media, but only 22 percent of Democrats have an unfavorable view. No surprise there. So few Democrats think journalists are biased because Democrats like the news they’re getting from mainstream sources. And why wouldn’t they? Liberal journalists give Democrats the kind of biased news they want.”
Bernard Goldberg, an Emmy and an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University award-winning writer and journalist, is a correspondent with HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. He was reacting to a recent joint Gallup and Knight Foundation poll.

“In one of the greatest public disinformation campaigns in American history — the Left and their NeverTrumper allies (under the nom de guerre: ‘Transition Integrity Project’) released a 22-page report in August 2020 “war gaming” (their term) four election crisis scenarios: 1. A decisive Trump win; 2. A decisive Biden win; 3. A narrow Biden win; and, 4. A period of extended uncertainty after the election. The outcome of each TIP scenario results in street violence and political impasse.”
Chris Farrell, Director of Investigations & Research at Judicial Watch

“There is one thing that we should all be clear headed about; Donald Trump is not going to win the Nobel Peace Prize. He could foster a global peace deal, get rid of all nuclear weapons, solve global hunger, and give everyone in the world free Twinkies and he would not win the Nobel Peace Prize. But his nomination by Norwegian Parliament member Christian Tybring-Gjedde offers us a powerful and telling contrast between this time around and 2009.

“Does Donald Trump deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? Who can say, really, the whole thing is a little silly. But what we can say is that he clearly deserves it a whole bunch more than Barack Obama ever did. Certainly more than Barack Obama did when he was still measuring drapes at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. So congratulations to President Trump on his nomination. It is an honor well deserved.”
David Marcus is the Federalist’s New York Correspondent

“Conservative, patriotic Americans and everything they hold dear have been under relentless bombardment by the militant left in all sectors of our society — culture, academia, Hollywood, the media. Everywhere they turn, they’re told that America sucks; that they are racist; that they are uncompassionate Christian bigots, homophobes and sexists. They are vilified as intolerant by the most intolerant of people and censored by those waving the banner of free speech.

“Most people have no way to respond to the bullying. They’re often too intimidated to share their opinions for fear of being demonized. They have their talk radio and television defenders, but they’ve had no one in elective office to stand up for them and their essential goodness and dignity. No prominent public official has stood athwart this fraudulent, toxic narrative and said, ‘Enough is enough.’ But in Trump they’ve found their fearless, tireless advocate. What other Republican president would have had the guts to stand against this high tide of political correctness and challenge the left’s divisive ideas, as when he recently banned federal sensitivity training on so-called white supremacy and critical race theory?”

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney


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Jacob Blake’s misconduct toward women


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