Evers’ recaller sends message to WI GOP

You may not be aware because the WI media has just about completely ignored the story, but there’s a recall effort now underway against Governor Tony Evers.

Truly exciting, right?

Well, in my view, no. I get the rush to sign a petition. But even though I despise Evers and his administration as much as everyone in this state, the recall effort is shortsighted, the timing is atrocious, and it will make people feel good temporarily, but ultimately this is going nowhere. Too many negatives. Please patiently read.

The recall organizer doesn’t think the GOP in WI is doing enough to support the recall. True enough, and with good reason. There’s an incumbent president to work our butts off to re-elect, Congressional candidates, and state Senate and state Assembly majorities to protect. That takes time, energy, volunteers, money, strategies…now, not 60 days from now.

My guess is the leader of the recall knows the insurmountable task she’s in for. She sent the following message. I am happy to share:

To the Republican Party,

As you are aware, I am leading an ever-growing group of volunteers in the effort to recall Governor Evers and Lieutenant Governor Barnes. Many of us who have supported the Republican Party are in disbelief at your decision to place your own agenda and establishment above the needs and safety of the citizens of Wisconsin.

“Policy differences,” is that truly what you are calling the inciting of riots, the destruction and burning of our businesses, homes and cities? The state is in shambles, and many people are looking to the GOP for help, to fight for us — something you have failed to do. Your desired “veto power” would not have saved the cities from the destruction they have suffered, and it would certainly not have stopped the governor’s inflammatory statement which provoked such a violent response, which we believe was his intention all along. We are not ignorant to the goals of your establishment. Do you really think so little of the citizens of Wisconsin to assume that they are unable to comprehend or focus on more than one issue at a time, namely, conduct a recall amidst a presidential election?

We have an opportunity to bring Wisconsin back to red. Your support of this recall movement would demonstrate that you support your party and the people of Wisconsin, especially those who voted you into office. The voters need to know that you support them and have their best interests at heart, not your own agenda. Those same voters will remember on Election Day who supported them and who didn’t. These voters are showing up to signing events in their Trump 2020 clothing. They are talking about the life-altering issues concerning Wisconsin that started this recall. They are talking about national issues and why President Trump absolutely needs to be re-elected. Most importantly, they are talking about going to their polling sites to vote for President Trump on November 3rd and then being energized and ready to vote again once our recall is successful.

This movement to recall Evers has united and mobilized many of us who have never previously been involved in politics or even voted before. Why wouldn’t you want to seize this moment and be the party of We the People? One thing I can assure you is that doing nothing and failing to support the people in a clear time of crisis and need will hurt the GOP for years to come. Our citizens are disillusioned and deeply disappointed in both parties; they use words like “useless,” “incompetent” and “negligent.” It has become a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. There is very little faith in either party. Despite what you might be telling yourselves, the timing is perfect; not only is this movement bringing out fresh faces, but it is giving Democrats an opportunity to unite with us as well. Can you truly defend your fellow politicians and deny the people their right to recall an elected official while at the same time protecting the rights of “protesters” who are burning down our cities and systematically destroying our state?

I sincerely hope that you become the party the people can rely on rather than issuing us more excuses as to why you cannot support our stand.

Misty Polewczynski

How is this recall going?

Why isn’t there a periodic progress report issued to the public?

If it was going well, why not say so to build optimism?

2 thoughts on “Evers’ recaller sends message to WI GOP

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