Yes, I heard the birds ma’am, but…

Franklin’s anti-business Common Council voted unanimously at its Tuesday night meeting to place restrictions on the popular Milky Way Drive-In Theater at Ballpark Commons, caving to NIMBY neighbors. This minority crowd has been vocal, attending meeting after meeting with consistently rude, arrogant commentary.

Prior to the council’s vote the citizen comment period got testy, with one angry resident threatening legal action against ROC Ventures and recall efforts against the mayor and council members.

There was, in my view, a rather humorous moment when one woman, and I won’t name her to spare embarrassment, said the noise from Ballpark Commons was unbearable and to prove it she had it on tape, and offered to play it for the council if they wanted. Here’s what happened when the woman attempted to play her recording into a microphone. She told the mayor and council they’d hear birds followed by the offending noise:


It is on here (She laughs). Just wait.


Tape audio: Birds chirping.

Hold on.


Tape audio: More sound of birds.

You probably can’t…can you hear it? You can hear birds.

I don’t why you can’t hear it now…on here.


Hold on.


More birds, but no noise.


I don’t why it’s not picking up on here.

Omelet on face.

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