Some movies banned at Franklin drive-in

After receiving complaints about profanity in some movies shown at Franklin’s very popular Milky Way Drive-In, Franklin Mayor Steve Olson has issued a list of films the theater is now banned from playing.

Olson’s action came following a picket outside his home by at least five elderly women who live near Ballpark Commons. The protesters argued they could hear the movie profanities, loudly and clearly, even with their windows shut, and while wearing headphones. The sound is so loud the picketers told Olson it was disrupting their crocheting and canasta games. If Olson didn’t resolve the issue they threatened to flood his voicemail with Lawrence Welk records.

An incensed Olson immediately sent a directive to Mike Zimmerman of ROC Ventures that stages the theater, outlining films that are no longer to be screened, including:

Back to the Future: Marty yells out “Holy s–t!”

The Bad News Bears: “S–t,” “goddamn,” “a–hole,” “bastard.”

Big: See Bad News Bears.

E.T.: “S–t,” “damn,” and “son of a bitch.”

Grease: John Travolta sings “p—y wagon” and “the chicks’ll cream.”

Jaws: “Let him slop some of this s—t.”

OZ the Great and Powerful: “Damn.”

The Avengers: “Son of a bitch,” “damn,” “hell,” “ass.”

Pirates of the Caribbean: “Damn,” “bastard,” “hell.”

Cars: “Hell.”

The Haunted Mansion: “Damn, “ass,” “crap,” “hell.”

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: “Son of a bitch,” “goddamn,”  “ass,”  “hell.”

A disconsolate Zimmerman tried to reason with Olson, even offering to host a “Golden Girls” marathon. Zimmerman was especially taken aback at one film on Olson’s list.

“Grease?  No, no. Please not Grease,” said Zimmerman.

Olson responded, “Life’s a bitch, Mike.”

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