Grim Reapers in the news media

During these chaotic times I’m reminded of a M*A*S*H* episode from 1977 entitled “The Grim Reaper.”

According to one online summary Hawkeye and B.J. are with Colonel Potter in his office listening to a report by (yes, this was his name) Colonel Bloodworth, who is on a daily crusade to accurately predict war casualties. Bloodworth informs them of an impending major ground assault on Hill 403 along with his prediction of how many casualties they can expect: an estimated 280 to 290 wounded soldiers, and twenty more if the weather is bad.

Hawkeye grows to despise Bloodworth. After surgery, the number of wounded turn out to be seventy-seven short of Bloodworth’s prediction. Hawkeye tracks Bloodworth down in the Officers Club and gloats over his shortfall. But the PA announces more incoming wounded. When Bloodworth says it’s the other 77 soldiers, Hawkeye, calling Bloodworth  a “grim reaper”, expresses his disgust with Bloodworth. Hawkeye grabs Bloodworth by his shirt and throws him against a wall.

Hawkeye survives as Bloodworth drops charges to avoid a court martial hearing.

Today’s media is just like Bloodworth. They are on a constant body count, a la Vietnam. An update on the latest death toll sends them drooling, ready to pounce and alert the wound of the fatalities, not to panic the masses but put nails in the Trump’s presidential coffin.

Here’s an example of how the media just can’t wait to make a mad dash to their keyboard, microphones, and cameras to announce the latest deadly news.

Wisconsin is on the verge of a grim milestone with 998 COVID-19 deaths

And then a few days later the bells went off from a gleeful media.

They’re rooting for the virus. That means more negative stories each and every day. Pretty despicable.


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