It’s ELVIS WEEK: Blue Lives Matter

That was March 20, 2020.

Graceland reopened on May 21, 2020, in plenty of time for Elvis Week.


Elvis Week morning walk-ups will be from 7:30 am – 8:30 am on August 8-17. Masks and temperature checks will be required for guests participating in morning walk-ups, and guests will need to social distance and will not be allowed to sit in Meditation Garden. Guests must exit the mansion grounds before Graceland tours begin. Evening walk-ups will not be available during Elvis Week 2020.

On display at Graceland, all the police badges that had been given to Elvis over the years. Having worked with police and security his entire career Elvis was a huge supporter of law enforcement.

On December 21, 1970, Elvis made a surprise visit to the White House, uninvited and unscheduled. Still, he managed to meet President Richard Nixon. Elvis walked into the Oval Office wearing a flamboyant outfit, oversize sunglasses and two huge medallions. He gave Nixon a chrome-plated Colt .45 while the President agreed to give him a Narcotics Bureau badge – but only after learning that the chief of the narcotics bureau had turned down the same request earlier that day and told Presley the only person who could overrule his decision was the President.

In one of Elvis’ last films, “Charro” in 1969, he plays a former outlaw turned lawman, a serious, straight role unlike most of Elvis’s previous movies. He sings but one song, the main title theme. That’s it.

Oh, one more rather obvious change.

Clint Eastwood was originally offered the starring role, but turned it down.

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