A lot of Franklin voters are mighty confused

Franklin City Clerk Sandi Wesolowski gave an election update at this week’s meeting of the Franklin Common Council.

In case you didn’t hear, there’s a primary election this Tuesday, August 11.

All voting sites in Franklin are open and it looks like they will be fully staffed.

The state is sending pens to Franklin. Each voter will get one and will be allowed to take it home.

And now for the most interesting items she presented.

So far Franklin has requested 6,930 absentee ballots. Most requests were made in March with the voters instructing Franklin to send ballots for the remainder of 2020. City Hall is spending about five (5) hours on the phone daily to handle absentee ballots and other election inquiries.

About those residents who requested absentee ballots. According to Wesolowski, quite a few people did not recall going online to apply for an absentee ballot, checking the box they want absentee ballots sent for the rest of 2020, or that they are indefinitely confined, or that they received a ballot and voted on it and returned it.

Biden-itis?  City of Franklin city staff is pulling up these applications to check out their authenticity, wasting their time etc.

Unless Franklin City Hall hears otherwise from these residents they will continue to receive what they asked for.

4 thoughts on “A lot of Franklin voters are mighty confused

    • Very obvious. It’s clear what these voters are suffering from if they can’t remember their own simple requests to the City about voting preferences. Because they have no recollection (Biden-itis) they have unnecessarily overburdened city staff. You have heard about Biden’s mental deficiencies, right? How do you not know what you yourself wanted the city to do to honor your voting desires? Boggles the mind.


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