Public Polling Data Update from Team Trump

From the WI Conservative Digest:

This past Friday, the President’s job approval reached 50% (versus 48% disapproval, a net of 2%). This represents a swing of 14 positive points from last month and marks the President’s best job approval since February. (Rasmussen 7/31)

Our President knows defunding the police is dangerous for our communities and so do the American people. 71% of Americans oppose the socialist idea that police departments should be dismantled to fund other government programs. (Reuters/Ipsos 7/22)

The President is standing up to the media elite who defend China’s role in spreading the coronavirus. 50% of Likely Voters feel China is primarily to blame for the worldwide spread of the coronavirus versus 36% who do not. (Rasmussen 7/28)

The American people agree with the President that crime in our cities is a concern that cannot be ignored. In separate polls, more than 3 of 4 of Americans agree that the lack of law and order and rising crime are worrisome. (Harvard/Harris 7/27) (Fox News 7/19)

The left-wing media hides critical polling data and underrepresents Republicans so they can run misleading headlines against our President. Roughly 35% of polls this month did not disclose information about the political party of the people polled.

When you look at polls that actually use appropriate sampling, you would see that female support for the President is increasing while female support for Joe Biden is decreasing:
(Rasmussen) Female Voter Intention
Trump: +4
Biden: -2

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