Just call the game, guys!

I was very happy to tune in tonight to Fox Sports Network for the first game of the NBA season for the Milwaukee Bucks. Unlike so many fans I refuse to boycott pro sports. I get their anger, but I’ve missed sports in this postpone everything year. Now I can actually see and watch sports on TV, like I have a gazillion times in years past.

When I checked into the Bucks and Boston Celtics there were certain visuals that were plainly obvious. Like the huge backdrop proclaiming “Black Lives Matter.” The wording on the court shouting out the same. The phrases on the back of the players’ jerseys like “Equality,” and “Enough.”

During the first quarter the Buck announcers spent a great deal of time avoiding game play-by-play and analysis for the sake of social commentary. I’ve known Bucks announcer Jim Paschke since the 1970’s. You can’t meet a better guy, and highly skilled in his profession. It was disappointing and annoying to hear Paschke and Marques Johnson acting like a biased one-sided panel on MSNBC.

If this is what to expect the rest of this season, a politicization of ballgames, I’ll still watch. But the sound will be turned off.

2 thoughts on “Just call the game, guys!

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