2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Here we go again: Ballpark Commons accused of being too noisy

  1. They’re getting accused of being too noisy because it’s actually too noisy for a development surrounded by 5 subdivisions. What level of incompetent government decided that 70 decibels at the property boundary until midnight is acceptable for a baseball stadium in the middle of a residential zone? If Franklin had sensible noise regulations for the ballpark, these complaints would go away.

    I unfortunately live close to the ballpark
    I’ll tell you that nothing else bugs me except for the public address system. I have never once even heard crowd noise or really anything else aside from Saturday night concerts which I don’t care about, I’m up and out every Saturday night anyway. But when it comes to the ballgames, hearing some announcer yell at the top of his lungs every single play is unnecessary. If the ownership would acknowledge the impacts on the neighbors and just turn the volume knob down, I guarantee the complaints would go away.


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