Happy Anniversary dear Kyla of mine!

July 20 is my mother’s birthday.

July 20, 2019, my beloved mother Audrey Fischer would have been 97 years old.

One year ago today, July 21, 2019,  Kyla and her dancing friends from, at that time called Cashell Dennehy School of Irish Dance, were competing at a feis at the Petitt National Ice Center.

What’s a feis?

Kyla’s school and others can compete all over the Midwest in what’s called a feis, an Irish dance competition.

In various dance style compositions the dancers move from “beginner” to “novice” status. Once in novice status the dancers must achieve 1st place in a competition in order to go from the school dance costume to the opportunity to purchase their very own solo dress with all the bling, color, etc.

It’s quite an incentive. Victory doesn’t happen overnight.

The Badger State Feis took place Saturday, July 20, 2019.

Kyla and her dance friends from Cashel Dennehy did OK, but no solo dresses.

Next day, July 21, 2019. Early in that day’s feis, Kyla still had not scored enough to win the elusive solo dress. Still, she couldn’t resist slipping into a solo dress even for a couple seconds!

Again, one of the biggest moments in a young Irish dancer’s career is to come in 1st Place during a dance competition at a feis. Then she has earned the opportunity to buy her own solo dress. Kyla did it one year ago today, July 21, 2019, at a feis at the Petitt National Ice Center.

Young dancers and their loved ones crowd around the results area to see the final standings. July 21, 2019. Finally. Sheer elation. Grandma Audrey was smiling down.

Image may contain: text that says 'CReAm Citg feis 2019 Treble Jig 410TJB Novice Under 10 Place Dancer Name (School) 1 249 Kyla Fischer (Cashel Dennehy) 2 213 Norah DeVries (Lavin Cassidy School of Irish Dancing) 3 492 Nora Parsons (Cashel Dennehy) 4 103 Lily Alberg (Trinity Academy of Irish Dance)'

Kyla Trophy 2019

Her bestie Erinn also earned her solo dress just a bit later.

Their good friend Mallory earned her solo dress earlier. The trifecta for Cashel!

Mallory Awards Cream City 2019

Cashel was a steamroller of emotion and awards that day. The pride of the parents was immeasurable! God bless these girls!

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