Week-ends (07/18/20)

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Randy Bruso

Girl Scouts

Theresa Mellas


These places

The city of Milwaukee Health Department

Teachers unions


Keonte Jones


“I believe that in order for us to curtail the growth of this disease, we have to take more steps, and when I say ‘we,’ I mean local government, local businesses and individuals. … It’s not just about you, it’s about if you think you’re Superman or you’re Superwoman and you don’t care about this, you still come in contact with people who can be infected.”
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett after the Milwaukee Common Council unanimously approved an ordinance requiring people to wear masks in public spaces while the city’s COVID-19 health order is in place

“We don’t want a bunch of Karens making complaints. If someone isn’t wearing a mask we aren’t encouraging people to call 911 or 211. We don’t want people being isolated. We don’t know if they have a silent illness, or a disability, or a mental health condition where they can’t wear a mask.”
City of Milwaukee Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik referring to the city’s just-approved mask mandate

“You’ve said that you’d require mandatory masks in all public places. Does this mean that someone in a place with virtually no cases, like Hawaii, for example, needs to put on a mask to walk their dog or relax on the beach?”
Author Dave Seminara, citing just one question the press should ask Joe Biden, but never will

Police cannot and should not be the first responder for all social ills. Being a Milwaukee Police Department officer in 2020 means being a part-time therapist, drug addiction counselor, landlord-tenant arbitrator, homelessness advocate, private security guard, traffic controller, parking attendant, family counselor and animal control officer. We need to admit that we are all open to change.

We also need to know what defunding MPD looks like. Our Common Council has suggested a 10% cut. It’s approximately $30 million, which would roughly equate to up to 375 officers in addition to the 60 officers cut last year. That would be a 25% reduction in police officers in Milwaukee in just two years.

How would that defunding occur? And what does it mean to reinvest into “social services?”  Exactly which social services? Currently, the Milwaukee Police Department responds to more than 700 calls a day. Will that organization respond to a call at 2 a.m.? How about on a weekend?

If implemented for the 2021 budget, will there be a comprehensive plan by Jan. 1, 2021? The calls will be coming. Who will be there to respond?
MPD Police Chief Alfonso Morales in an op-ed piece in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“We will stand with those on the thin blue line, and we will never defund the police. This president and this administration will back the blue.”
VP Mike Pence during a speech at Ripon College

“Besides showing how little some teachers actually care about their students, the debate over reopening schools has proved what hypocrites and fakes liberal Democrats are. They tell us over and over they care deeply about the poor, the working class and Black and brown people – their party’s core votership. Well, whose children do they think are going to be hurt by keeping the public schools closed?”
Michael Reagan, the eldest son of Ronald Reagan, is heard daily by over 5 million listeners via his nationally syndicated talk radio program, “The Michael Reagan Show” 

“Our fight continues. We will not rest until the offensive use of Native imagery, logos and names are eradicated from professional, collegiate and (other school) sports. The time is now to stand in solidarity and declare that racism will not be tolerated.”
Crystal Echo Hawk of the Native American advocacy group IllumiNative after the Washington Redskins announced they were dropping their nickname and logo

“Human beings are not mascots. We are at a point in society where we can recognize that Black face is offensive and it’s wrong. But yet you can see these fans at NFL games that go and they have their faces painted red. They’re wearing the fake feathers. Feathers that have deep meaning for different tribes.”
Tricia Zunker, an associate justice for the Ho-Chunk Nation Supreme Court and Wausau School Board president. For a second year, Zunker is leading an effort to rid Wisconsin’s  public schools of Native American mascots.

“What I see is if the election goes to Biden then there is a good chance that the Democrats will then control all two branches of Congress and the White House, and considering the kinds of things that they are proposing, that can well mean the point of no return for this country.”
Economist Thomas Sowell

“They (establishment Republicans) cringe that Trump is unorthodox, unpolished and unafraid to get down in the dirt with his opponents, especially from the lofty, hallowed presidential podium. They also don’t get Trump supporters, who are not holding their noses to vote for him. They can’t wait.

“Newsflash: The overwhelming majority of Trump supporters doesn’t give a rip about his so-called presidentiality. Trump supporters realize we’re in a war for the survival of the country — a war we didn’t start and one we’ll lose if we don’t fight back with every fiber of our being. We want him to counter the violent, revolutionary left at every turn.”
David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney

“This uptick in crime that is happening right now is with a $6 billion dollar New York City Police Department budget. So our $6 billion dollars – up to $11 billion – but up to our $6 billion dollar budget, has not prevented this uptick in crime.

“Maybe this has to do with the fact that people aren’t paying their rent and are scared to pay their rent and so they go out, and they need to feed their child and they don’t have money, so they feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry that night. Maybe it’s the fact that unemployment provisions haven’t been given to everyone. Maybe it’s the fact that some people still haven’t gotten their stimulus checks yet.”
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) defended cuts to the New York City Police Department (NYPD)

“This uptick in crime is directly related to the anti-police sentiment that is plaguing our nation. The movement to defund the police, whether that’s reallocating resources or completely abolishing law enforcement agencies, has had a direct impact on crime. Criminals know that they can take advantage of the public’s disdain for law enforcement. They know they’re more likely to get away with committing crimes because officers are afraid of doing something that will get them fired, or worse, facing criminal charges.”
Beth Baumann is an Associate Editor for Townhall

“Nearly 2 million black Africans and more than 1 million blacks from the Caribbean have emigrated to the United States in just the last 20 years. Why would so many blacks voluntarily move to a country that is ‘systemically racist,’ a country, according to the promoters of the ‘America is racist’ libel, in which every single white is a racist? Are all these blacks dumb? Are they ignorant? And what about the millions more who would move here if they were allowed to? How does one explain the fact that Nigerians, for example, are among the most successful immigrant communities?”
Radio talk show host Dennis Prager


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